15 Apr 2011

It's what we do!

As a designer, I'm constantly looking for new inspiration.  These are a few images that have no correspondence whatsoever, apart from the fact that I love them all!

Gorgeous vintage, which has become my favourite design style.  Nostalgia has brought back a whole range of new designs, and I love mixing original with replica.

This is just such a cool idea.  The thought that must have gone into this must have been phenomenal, because the designer has found the exact shade of yellow for each piece of wallpaper.

This I just thought was a really clever creation.  Using a shot glass, a flower, a tea light, ribbon, and I would guess a lot of double sided sticky tape, this would perfectly compliment a summer tea party.

I love napkin rings, I think I get it from my grandma.  I love it at christmas time, when all the magazines show you how to make them.  But finally I have found an original way to make summer napkin rings.

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