12 Apr 2012

Pretty in Pink

Outdoor dining with summery shades, these are definitely ones for the girls!

21 Sep 2011


Extremely excited about going to decorex on tuesday, I'm sure I'll be picking up lots of new ideas and brands to show you in the coming weeks! The theme is Cherished Places, and I have very high expectations!

Here are a few images from previous years:

Watch this space!...

14 Sep 2011

Penthouse Floor Plans

Just another project i've been working on.  A pent house with a million pound budget, so just a small job really!  Anyway, here are the floor plans.

Click on image for a larger view

2 Jul 2011

Inspirational Lighting

Lighting is another way to create a stunning feature, and there are some truly inspiring designs around.  Here are a few that I have come across in my job and from the internet.

This Thallo wall light from Flamant is incredibly glamourous, without being to bling.  Its rustic charm gives it an authentic quality, and looks great either side of a fire place or large double doors.

Although this is a much more modern lamp, it copies a traditional style, making it perfect for a gentleman's study.

The lamps above and below are made from old Lebanese railings.  Each one is unique, and has a genuine rustic look.  They are a little pricey but look stunning.  The lampshades, also from the Lebanese, are made from linen table cloths and have been dyed a number of different shades.

Porta Romana mad they're money by supplying luxury hotels, but their products are still available to purchase singularly.  They have an extensive collection and this is juts one of my favourites.  It draws your eye down the length of the wall, giving the effect of grandeur. 

20 Jun 2011

Plaid and checks

Having just started a job with an interior design company, I've already learnt a lot!  All the behind the scenes admin that goes into a design project.  The company has a fantastic showroom, and my two favourite items in there are a plaid covered love seat and arm chair.  If your not familiar with the term, plaid is similar to tartan, which doesn't sound too appealing.  However, I have a new found love for it, and wan't to show you how it can be used to create a cosy feeling with an air of subtle stylishness.

This is the first example, and I think the armchair works seamlessly with the leather sofa.  The trick is not to overdo it, and here the designer has picked out colours from the pattern to use on cushions. 

Here is an example of how a classic formal design can be updated to make it casual and cosy.  The chair looks comfy, and would look great in a drawing room.

I love this image.  The glamour and luxury of the design is made traditional with the check chair. The curtains perfectly matching the background colour of the check, while the darker colours in the chair work with the piano and side unit.

This is so simple, and is a good example of how a check can be fresh if it is not too dark or dense.  Again it's another classic chair design but it has a much more contemporary feel.

And another image that proves that woollen fabrics aren't just for the winter.  The pastel shades used throughout this room, allow the sofa to 'breathe' and create a calming neutral atmosphere.  Coupled with exposed wood and a simple floor plan, this room envelopes good design.

The key seems to be to stick with neutral colours, and steer clear of bold reds and greens, that are usually associated with tartan.  This helps to create a more classic look such as the one above.  I can picture this in a study of nursery, showing the versatility that check has.

I love the combination of check and leather here. There is something so traditional and rustic about this style.  This is a definite for a gentleman's study or one either side of the fireplace.  Although it is much more formal that many of the images I have looked at, there's nothing wrong with a bit of stylish formality now and then.

10 May 2011

Occa Home: Cushions

My previous post had a selection of gorgeous furniture from Occa Home, and having browsed a little more in the accessories department, I found their collection of cushions didn't disappoint either.  These are a few of the what I think are the best ones, but there are plenty more styles to choose from.

It must have been growing up with horses that drew my eye to this one, the buckles and straps loosely resemble those on the saddle.  This stylish cushion is neutral and so can work in many different schemes.

With the sailors knot decoration, this would subtly enhance a nautical theme.  It could also compliment curtain tie backs in the same colour or style.

I have a thing for mushrooms, ever since my art GCSE where I spent an entire project studying and drawing them.  To truly customise your home, look out for items or accessories that have some relevance to you to make even the most mainstream accessories personal.

Again more of that subtle nauticality.  I'm not sure if these numbers are a reference to something but I think its a talking point.

This is my colour.  A soft shade of blue on a linen fabric.  Pure relaxation.

Love this too.  The injection of red makes this a bold statement that can be used to brighten up a blue scheme, without clashing and to stop it feeling clinical.

This has almost a potato sack look.  The fabric looks rustic and would lok great against a worn leather chair.

Another great accessory for that leather chair.  Tweed is definitely making a stylish new come back into the world of interior design.

6 May 2011

Occa Home; A few of my favourites

Having recently finished all my work for this term, I've been browsing around for new companies and inspiration.  Occa-home is one of the best ones so far, specialising in lots of vintage style pieces and interesting designs.  The selection of products below gives an idea of the style of the company.

This is the kind of quirky style that really interests me.  I love vintage sports equipments such as old leather footballs, and this leather baseball chair would be a great feature piece in a study or games room.

This is another of their more unusual designs, this honey comb rug.  I'm not a huge fan of bees myself, but I think that this has huge potential in a design scheme.

At first this clock confused me until I worked out what it resembled.  Each of the numbers are represented by a clock hand.   It draws on all the popular clock styles, and would look lovely outside against a brick wall.

I've always had a bit of a thing for unusual floor lamps.  This one looks like it should be on the deck of a ship and is a real statement piece.

This is one of those items of furniture that I can't decide whether I like.  The colour and style of the fabric reminds me of a georgian style seat, but the modern metal frame contrasts with this style.  This may be a little to eclectic for my taste.

This I know I love.  The casual beach style just gives the impression of a calming and tranquil atmosphere.

Possibly my favourite item in the collection as I am a huge fan of anything blue and spotty.  This is actually one of the more classic examples of this pattern on a throw, as some can be a bit garish.

Another beautiful rug. There is something so fresh about a blue and white pattern, I can't help but like this colour combination.

This is a perfect example of the many beautifully crafted products that this company boasts.  This intricate piece could be used as a bedside table or as a coffee table.

And finally, just a cheeky bit of luxury.

3 May 2011

Final designs

It's finally finished!  These are the final boards for the project, along with a few more which I haven't photographed yet.  Now I just have to wait for the bidding result!

2 May 2011

Trend: Red, White and Blue

Before all the Royal wedding hype, there was a very noticeable red white and blue trend.  Not only in union jack formation, but also other combinations of the colours.  Leading up to the royal wedding, I found that a lot of companies were making tacky home decorations, which slightly ruined the trend.  I am hoping that now that the wedding is over, the colours can return to their former stylish glory.  Having a look round at what is on offer, I found the following:

This cushion from Occa Home would bring a touch of class to any nautical scheme.  The subtle application of red and blue gives a sense of sophistication.

This is a slightly less subtle hint at nautical design, but no less sophisticated.  The news paper style print in the background adds texture and depth to the overall look.

Bunting, a new favourite this year, it comes in all colours and patterns.  From the red white and blue scene, this is one of my particular favourites. 

This really sets the scene for using red white and blue in your home.  I think the key thing to remember is that bright reds and blues can look tacky, but sticking to the more vintage colour-ways will ensure a stylish scheme.

Again another beautiful collection of cushions and throws.  Remember, the combination or colours doesn't need to come from a single cushion or rug, spreading the colours out can create a more tranquil atmosphere.

What is interesting about the red white an blue theme, is although it is often reserved for union jack pieces, the colours have also been associated heavily with the nautical scheme that has become popular over the last year.  This wall plaque is another example of this.

And lastly,  here we can see those vintage colours I was describing, worked effortlessly into this trunk.  I actually have one of these, and I love it.

Hopefully this post has given you inspiration for using this popular new colour scheme in your home, and given you an idea of what not to do with red white and blue!