2 Jul 2011

Inspirational Lighting

Lighting is another way to create a stunning feature, and there are some truly inspiring designs around.  Here are a few that I have come across in my job and from the internet.

This Thallo wall light from Flamant is incredibly glamourous, without being to bling.  Its rustic charm gives it an authentic quality, and looks great either side of a fire place or large double doors.

Although this is a much more modern lamp, it copies a traditional style, making it perfect for a gentleman's study.

The lamps above and below are made from old Lebanese railings.  Each one is unique, and has a genuine rustic look.  They are a little pricey but look stunning.  The lampshades, also from the Lebanese, are made from linen table cloths and have been dyed a number of different shades.

Porta Romana mad they're money by supplying luxury hotels, but their products are still available to purchase singularly.  They have an extensive collection and this is juts one of my favourites.  It draws your eye down the length of the wall, giving the effect of grandeur. 

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