16 Apr 2011

Bringing the inside out

There's this classic saying that all interior designers will use at one time or another, and that is, 'let's really bring the outside in'.  Thats all very well, and I have to admit, as lover of the outdoors, I have probably used it myself, but now I'd like to introduce a new saying,  'Lets bring the inside out'.  There are so many interior accessories available, but not a lot of designers focus on the outside.  This post however shows you how you can decorate your garden and treat it as an extension of your home.

Bunting looks gorgeous outside, coupled with the patterns on the
table cloth, and the cushion on the seat.  This is exactly what I
mean when I say bring the indoor design outside.
I love this heart bunting, and it would be so easy to make!

This garden has been given a touch of magic with what i can only describe
as giant paper pom-poms.  I;m not sure where these can be obtained
but I will certainly keep looking!

This period style garden as absolutely gorgeous,
I'm already picturing it in my own garden.  

Although this does look a little bit like a wedding chair accessory,
I think with wilder looking flowers, this could look perfect!

I've never been a fan of paper lanterns indoors, but
here it works really well.

This is not the colour cutlery I would necessarily use in my home, but
here it works seamlessly with nature, picking up on the tones
of the foliage.

I love these bird table decorations, I expect they are pretty good
for keeping the table cloth down too, on a windy day.

Signage is slowly creeping out into the garden, it's become
a huge accessory indoors, so why no out?!

This is a little over the top, but why not!  If its
just for an afternoon, I can't think of anything nicer!

This just looks like pure luxury.  I love out door candles and lanterns
so this is my idea of summer heaven.

This bright cottage table looks fun and child friendly,
again the use of paper lanterns brings the design to life!

This is a painting which just epitomises the idea of english afternoon tea.
Its so beautiful, it is as good as any for inspiration.

The typical garden scene for an english manor.  The 1950's
radio somehow fits into this elegant design.

You really could be anywhere in this back garden.  The linen
sheet looks like its been raised up using bamboo canes,
making it an inexpensive, attractive and useful feature.

Nautical back in its natural surroundings.  

Another shadey design.

I love these lights, they're so pretty and dainty. 

Long lost memories of summer fete's are brought back
with this design.  The perfect vintage dining area.

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