29 Jan 2011

Exquisite Designs

I have recently found this absolutely stunning shower, it's like nothing i've ever seen before.  I am now solidly determined to use this in a design scheme somewhere, maybe for a multi-millionaire client or 7 star hotel!

Take a look, its just beautiful!  I love the connection with the classic roll top baths, for me it almost brings showers into the past and then back into the 21st Century.  If only I had £14,000 going spare!

I love how it just neatly slots in with this country, shabby-chic style
bathroom.  Its just beautiful.

And this classic period style bathroom, perfect!

The company supplying this amazing piece of design is Drummonds.  The site is full of beautiful statement pieces, just make sure you have plenty of browsing time to really take it all in.

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