7 Apr 2011

Not just for Winter

Woolly blankets for most people will mean a cosy night in by the fire, a good book, and maybe a hot chocolate.  I say not always!  Here's how to incorporate them into your spring schemes, because we all know that english springs are not the warmest around!

The key is to go for a lighter knit.  A thinner woollen blanket won't create images of cold winter evenings, but simply look inviting and fresh against spring colours.

This loose knit throw is another good way of eliminating the typical idea that blankets should be stored away during the spring and summer months.

Now this one doesn't use any tricks or disguises, there is no way that this could be considered a winter blanket.  Its cool fresh colour would immediately give a spring feel to your living room, or patio.
The blankets above and below have a definite picnic rug appearance.  Perfect for sitting out in the garden, the traditional weave makes these blankets an ideal purchase all year round.

This blanket works well as a coastal accessory.  The open weave imitates fisherman's nets, and the sandy colour brings back memories of holidays on the beach.

Finally, although grey is often associated with the winter months, the cream tassels give this blanket every right to be included into a warm spring scheme.

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