3 Apr 2011

Breezy Blues

Although I love the collection of images from my previous post, blue will always be my colour.  Blue gives you so many possibilities, nautical design, country chic with a duck egg blue, baby boys room, and my favourite, blue polka dots.  I find so many blue designs that inspire me, so I thought I'd put a few of my favourites on here.

This has an almost Mediterranean or greek feel to it.  The intricate pattern would be ideal against a plain backdrop.  I'm not too sure about the salmon sheet they've coupled it with in this image, but I love the use of the natural rug, I think they should have focussed more on the organic with this one.

WOOl!!!  I know spring is just starting to poke its head up from the ground, but there really is nothing more inviting on a cloudless evening.  If not to snuggle up in front of the fire, then at least for a an evening out on the patio!

Again, I just like this, it simply caught my eye.  It's not unlike the bedspread a few images up, and seeing as I have always been one for blue and white schemes, this cushion suits my taste very well.

And this is also a really lovely design.  I like the fact that the flowers have real detail, like a watercolour painting.  I have a friend who has a similar design on her curtains, and I've always loved them. 

There's that little boys room I was talking about.  this is so traditional, and also so Surrey!  The use of red white and blue has become more prominent in recent months, with the royal wedding just around the corner.  The state of the country has also had its effect on design here, with the union flag emerging into design to lift peoples spirits.  It reminds us to be proud to be british, even through the economic downfall has left people feeling disheartened.

And once again, there's that wool.  I'm sorry, it's just so cosy!  The colour keeps it fresh and out of winter spirits, but is still there for those chilly nights.

And now a little House of Fraser.

Although anyone with hay-fever may not find the image of flowers drifting in the breeze very appealing, for me this is the perfect picture.  I am instantly transported to a meadow, sitting on a picnic rug, perhaps painting or drinking pimms.

In the words of the Beach Boys, wouldn't it be nice!  Wouldn't it be nice to just hang this sign on your office door, sling on your flip flops and go sailing on the ocean.  One of my favourite so far from the nautical collection, purely for its 'one day I'll do it' factor!

I'm running out of describing words here, I'm so enjoying myself searching for these sort of designs.  This is just beautiful, it's so intricate, I can't stop looking at it!

And this?  Well I don't even drink hot drinks and I'd still buy this!  Its such a cheeky design, its like a grown up cartoon on flask.  Brilliant!

And can you honestly think of a better smell right now.  Beach walk.  All those memories, the smells, the warm evening sun, holding hands, walking back up a sandy path.  I think i'll be off to Cornawall this year!  You can give me all the Mediterranean holidays you like, I've spent some of my favourite holidays in Cornwall.

And that concludes this post.  I'm off to book a holiday!

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