15 Nov 2010

Christmas countdown...

It's official, the christmas countdown is now on.  I've given into the hundreds of shop fronts all flamboyantly displaying christmas decorations and have started to get really excited.  I can't wait for endless trips to garden centers and tea rooms, all beautifully done up with this seasons latest fashions.  I've just had a look through the christmas collection from Nordic House, and found some fantastic new additions.  Here are a few that I couldn't resist sharing:

Delicate sophistocation!

I love this almost as much as I love making my own place settings.

Oh yes, i could spend far to much money on tags like these.  There are possibly only a few people I could give a present to with this sort of tag on and know that it wouldn't go straight into the recycling!

I have a link to Nordic House to the right of my blog, this should definitely be one for you favourites.

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